In the City

Print exhibition by Murray Dineen, Mark Glassford, Deidre Hierlihy, Madeleine Rousseau and Moira Toomey

“In The City”…an expression which brings to mind a load of images.  What do we find, what do you experience, what do we see, what else is there? These five members of the Connective offer elements of their reflections in prints. In ten prints, the exhibition showcases a variety of printmaking techniques, images and colours.
‘En ville’ par Murray Dineen, Mark Glassford, Deidre Hierlihy, Madeleine Rousseau et Moira Toomey
‘En ville’… une expression qui évoque plein d’images.  Ce qu’on y trouve, ce qu’on y vit, ce qu’on y voit, ce qu’il y a d’autre… Ces cinq membres du Collectif présentent en estampes des éléments de leur réflexion.  Avec ces dix estampes, l’exposition met en valeur différentes méthodes d’impression, d’images et de couleurs. 

Exhibition dates: March 2 to May 4, 2017 / Du 2 mars au 4 mai 2017

Location: The Nepean Creative Arts Centre / Centre des arts créatifs de Nepean, 35 rue Stafford Rd (Bells Corners) Ottawa ON K2H 8V8
For gallery hours call  613-596-5783 / Pour les heures, appeler le 613 596-5783

Connective Potluck

The Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective had its annual potluck on January 22, 2017 at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre.

Members bought prints for show-and-tell and Deidre shown us how to make a Chinese Thread Book with our prints. Here are Moira Toomey and Beth Shepherd thread books.

Moria’s Chinese Thread Book


Beth’s Chinese Thread Book

after the fire



Jeff Stellick, Carol Howard Donati and Dedire Hierlihy at the NCAC wall gallery

“Random Exploration” by Madeleine Rousseau

Madeleine Rousseau presents prints depicting seemingly random subjects, but linked together by her journey of exploration of several printmaking techniques since she started printmaking three years ago.   Thirteen prints based on  linocut, wood engraving, collograph, drypoint, ecoprinting, suminagashi marbling  and letter press techniques make this exhibition.

November 3-December 23 2016
Nepean Creative Arts Centre 
35 rue Stafford Rd (Bells Corners) Ottawa ON K2H 8V8
For gallery hours call 613-596-5783
“Explorations sans queue ni tête“ par Madeleine Rousseau
Madeleine Rousseau présente des estampes sans thème apparent, mais reliée par son voyage exploratoire de plusieurs techniques d’impression depuis ses débuts il y a trois ans.Treize estampes  de linogravure, gravure sur bois, collagraphie, pointe sèche, impression de végétaux et métaux (traduction libérale de ‘ecoprinting’), marbrure suminagashi et typographie sont rassemblées pour cette exposition. 
Du 3 novembre au 23 décembre 2016
Centre des arts créatifs de Nepean
35 rue Stafford Ottawa Ontario
Pour les heures d’ouverture, appeler le 613-596-5783


“Scene From a Car Window” by Katie Argyle

A series of nine relief prints based on what Katie witnessed from the front seat, passenger side, of a 2010 Mazda 6.

Katie Argyle is especially fond of large-scale, hand-printed, or steam roller printed, woodcuts. She is currently knee-deep in a long-term  art project based on the Canadian suburban lifestyle.

September 8 to November 3, 2016

At the Nepean  Creative Arts Centre 

35 rue Stafford Rd (Bells Corners) Ottawa ON K2H 8V8

For gallery hours call  613-596-578





Home Sweet Home/Le chez-soi

Print exhibition by Deidre Hierlihy, Ted Johnston, Tina Petrovicz, Madeleine Rousseau

June 29 – September 8, 2016 / Du 29 juin au 8 septembre 2016



“Home, Sweet Home” brings forward a different image for each one of us, as our four members demonstrate with their concept of the phrase.

Le Chez-soi, un concept qui nous rejoint tous et toutes de façon très personnelle, selon notre vécu. Ces quatre membres présentent en estampes des facettes de la signification du terme.

At the Nepean Creative Arts Centre/ Centre des arts créatifs de Nepean

35 rue Stafford Rd (Bells Corners) Ottawa ON K2H 8V8

For gallery hours call/Pour les heures, appeler le 613-596-5783



‘Steer & Lasso’ by TIna Petrovicz


‘Central Experimental Farm’ by Deidre Hierlihy


‘Life on the Line’ by Madeleine Rousseau


Prints by Ted Johnston

Feathered Images: Crows and Beyond – Print Exhibition by Rod Restivo


The Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective invites you to an exhibition of  prints by artist-printmaker Rod Restivo, titled Feathered Images: Crows and Beyond

Exhibition dates: May 5th to June 29th, 2016

Location: the Nepean Creative Arts Centre Wall Gallery Unit 11, 35 Stafford Road, Ottawa.

This exhibition displays  a series of eight prints where Rod Restivo expresses his fascination with  crows which abound in the Gatineau Hills  towards the end of winter. For this series, Restivo re-discovered woodcut printmaking and he also experimented  with a PVC board  called Sintra which he engraves with wood-carving tools.

Prints are of sale, and one can contact directly the artist, or inquire at the OGPC main contact email:

Here is a glimpse of the exhibition: