Summer Mosaic Opening!

Here are some shots of the artists and attendees at our exhibition opening!

We also would like to thank  Dr. Anja for her lovely article on Summer Mosaic.   Thank-you!

4 responses to “Summer Mosaic Opening!

  • Martin Loft

    Greetings from the Quebec. I would be very interested in any etching workshops provided by your group. I am exploring solar print etching and non-toxic water based inks. Thanks

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hello Martin,
      Thank-you for your interest. We’ll add you to our mailing list which will keep you up to date with any workshops or talks we are planning! Our next meeting will be held on September 14th, 7pm in the Ottawa School of Art Library, 3rd floor.

  • Martin

    Thanks. I look forward to your updated.

  • Dr. Anja

    Thank you for linking to my article on my blog “Visual Encounter”. I really enjoyed the exhibition and I wish you all good luck for future projects.

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