We have prints in the UK!

red ink 6Throughout March the Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers Connective (OGPC) will be participating in an international printmaking festival: Impress 13, organized by the Gloucestershire Printmaking Co-operative and takes place in various locations in and around Stroud, Cheltenham and Cirencester, United Kingdom.

The concept:
To use the theme of ‘Inter-nationality’ to engage in: collaboration both between artists and with the public; educational opportunities and workshops for all (schools, colleges public, artists); talks and demonstrations.  Outputs will be: catalogue of contemporary printmaking in UK and from selected international groups, public art, a two day symposium on aspects of printmaking. (From Impress Festival website)

Seven of our members were invited last year to explore the themes “the land” and “native”, in a Canadian exhibit called “Landmarks”:
Leigh Archibald
Wendy Feldberg
Diedre Hierlihy
Mary Baranowski Lowden
Rosemarijn Oudejans
Debra James Percival
Lynda Turner

Furthermore, we have members showing in the “Red Ink” exhibit! As well as giving presentations/ demonstrations.  For more info visit participating printmaker Wendy Feldberg’s site.

Congratulations to our talented connective members, if you just happen to be around, check out this amazing festival of prints!
Exhibit information can be found here: http://www.gpchq.org.uk/impress-festival13/

Here’s some pictures of our works.  Beautiful location!

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