Leonard Gerbrandt’s Landscape Visions

Prints from the Cree country in Northern Quebec

Leonard Gerbrandt (1941-2010) was instrumental in founding the Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective. We are honoured to show his works at the Connective.

In 1973 I was commissioned to undertake an archeological survey of Cree country in northern Quebec starting at the confluence of the James Bay along the La Grande Rivière to its furthest eastern in-land source, to document the traditional summer and winter camps of the Cree people before the flooding of the James Bay Hydro Dam which would submerge vast areas of Cree county destroying all historic sites. The four etching prints – LG I-IV Transformations and the three James Bay Glaciation Patterns I-III etching prints are artistic interpretations of a two months across-country camping trek with a Cree.  The collograph  IR 192A image emerged  from a 17 day long canoe trip with my wife down the Churchill River bordered by Native Reserves – called Indian Reserves in the 1970s when the trip was taken.    Leonard Gerbrandt


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