Daily Archives: March 22, 2016

Chinese Zodiac Print Exhibition

The Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective invites you to an exhibition of  Chinese Zodiac prints by our members.

Exhibition date: February 29th to May 5th, 2016

Location: the Nepean Creative Arts Centre Wall Gallery Unit 11, 35 Stafford Road, Ottawa.

This exhibition is a collection of nineteen prints on the theme of the Chinese Zodiac. Seven OGPC members have contributed one or more prints representing The year of the …horse, snake, monkey, rat, rabbit, roaster, pig, tiger, goat, dragon, and dog using a variety of printmaking techniques. The printmakers are Leonard Gerbrandt, Ted Johnson, Deidre Hierlihy, Tina Petrovicz, Rod Restivo, Shaylah Hickson and Madeleine Rousseau.

Several of these prints are of sale, and one can contact directly the artist, or inquire at the OGPC main contact email: ottawaprintmakers@gmail.com

Here are some of their prints in the exhibition:

File 2016-03-16-7


File 2016-03-16-9

print by Deidre Hierlihy

File 2016-03-16-8

print by Ted Johnson




File 2016-03-16-10

print by Rod Restivo

File 2016-03-16-15

print by Leonard Gerbrandt










File 2016-03-16-11

print by Madeleine Rousseau


File 2016-03-16-16

print by Shaylah Hickson


File 2016-03-16-17

print by Tina Petrovicz