Our Mandate:

The mandate of the Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers’ Connective (OGPC) is to foster and promote the knowledge and appreciation of Hand Pulled Prints and Printmaking among its members and general public.  This is accomplished through monthly meetings, demonstrations, workshops, and group exhibits.


Fall 2010 The OGPC was formed

Spring 2011 The OGPC hosts the International year of the rabbit print exchange in Ottawa in partnership with Proof Studio Gallery in Toronto.

Summer 2011: First OGPC public exhibition at Britannia Gallery, Summer Mosaic, 2728 Howe Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Fall 2011: Anniversary Show at Orange Art Gallery, 233 Armstrong Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Winter 2012: The OGPC rents out the print studio at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre, 35 Stafford Road

Spring 2012: The OGPC hosts a number of non-toxic printmaking workshop for its members at the print studio.

Spring 2012: The OGPCe hosts the International year of the dragon print exchange in Ottawa in partnership with Proof Studio Gallery in Toronto.

Spring 2012: The OGPC print studio participates in International Print day in May, and is recognized as a studio by “Print Day in May” (Monterey Peninsula College, California, United States.)

Summer 2012: Proposed show and artwork accepted into the IMPRESS13 FESTIVAL, in Stroud, United Kingdom

Summer 2012: OGPC summer group exibition, Orange Art Gallery, 233 Armstrong Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Fall 2012: Impression – Nuit Blanche, La nouvelle Scène, 333 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario

Fall 2012: Culture Days, Print Studio at the Nepean Creative arts Centre, 35 Stafford Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Winter 2012: OGPC 2nd anniversary show, Nepean Creative Arts Centre, 35 Stafford Road, Ottawa, Ontario

Winter 2013: “My country…is winter” exhibit in Holguin, Cuba.

Winter/Spring 2013: The OGPC particaptes in IMPRESS 13 Festival, in Stroud, United Kingdom

21 responses to “About

  • Gisele Paquette


    I am a printmaker (woodcut) that lives in l’Orignal Ontario. I would like to join the group of artists. What are the steps that I need to take?

    Thank you

    Gisele Paquette

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hello Gisele,
      Our group is open to those interested. Feel free to come to our next meeting on September 14th, 7pm in the Ottawa School of Art Library, 3rd floor. We’ll add you to our mailing list which will keep you up to date with any workshops or talks we are planning! Thanks!

  • Chrissy Poitras


    I own a print studio in Picton, Ontario. I would love to be added to your mailing list. I would have sent this in an email if there was one listed on your website. Please contact me if you can: chrissy@sparkboxstudio.com



  • Sarah Marshall

    I am a printmaker and mixed-media artist located in west end Ottawa. Could you tell me how I could become a member and what it costs?

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hello Sarah,
      Thank-you for your interest! We keep our membership open (no fee!). If you wish, come by our first meeting for the Fall season on September 14th, 7pm in the Ottawa School of Art Library, 3rd floor. We’ll add you to our e-mailing list as well, just let us know if you wish to be taken off it.

  • Henry Blaszczak

    I was wondering to what extent did Leonard Gerbrandt play in the Ottawa Printmakers Association?

  • Geoff

    Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you could suggest places in Ottawa to do basic printmaking courses. I’ve done a bunch of linocuts entirely on my own, but I’d really love to do a course to get the basics.


    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hello Geoff,

      Try looking into the Ottawa School of Art or The Nepean Creative Arts Centre. Both offer courses in printmaking which cover the basics and more. I know that the latter still has openings for the fall.

  • Ted Johnston

    When and where is the next meeting? and the next?

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hi Ted,
      The next meeting is this Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.
      Time: 7 pm
      Where: Ottawa School of Art Library: 35 George Street, 3rd floor, Room 304

      Generally we have one every second Wednesday of the month. This sometimes changes though.

  • Ted Johnston

    Thanks. Unfortunaqtely I was out of town on the tenth, but have marked in my calendar for November.


  • Heather

    Is there a meeting in November, and if so is anyone welcome? Would love to know when and where and if it would be ok to attend.

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hi Heather,
      Sorry for the late reply. We have monthly meetings, and anyone is welcome to come. Afterwords, you may sign up for membership ($20) if you wish to join our connective. For more information and to be placed onto our mailing list, please e-mail us at: ottawaprintmakers@gmail.com

  • Mirko Pocuca

    Hi, my name is Mirko, I am printmaker and painter from Ottawa.
    I would like to join your group.If you can let me know when would
    be great.

  • Katharine Fletcher

    Hello! I am an artist who is extremely interested in doing more printing (I have done some collography, which I love, plus woodcut/linocuts etc. I consider myself a keen beginner with a some experience (I have taken some of Rob Hinchley’s workshops). I would like you to please add me to your membership. AND: When do you next meet, and where? (I do know about the Year of the Horse meeting tomorrow, May 22, but am unsure I can attend this…) Do you always meet at the OSA and if so, when & where?
    THANKS in advance!

  • Kathy

    Hi, I am interested in learning printing techniques to be used in fabric. Any upcoming workshops?


    • Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers

      Hi Kathy,
      I am sorry that no one was able to respond to your comment. (Others in our group probably could not see the comments). I was just given the task of looking after our website. To answer your question – currently there are no workshops in the plans at the Printmakers’studio at NCAC (Nepean Creative Art’s Centre). We will post any open workshops on the website. But a great source for printmaking workshops is the Ottawa School of Art. Some of our members teach there, and most of us have taken courses and workshops there.
      FYI we may have a new site in the near future.

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