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Current Group Show at Nepean Creative Arts Centre Gallery: On the Farm/ A la Ferme

The group show titled  On The Farm showcases eighteen hand pulled prints by eleven local printmakers: Cheryl Ann Bellard, Debra Carter, Susan Cartwright, Murray Dineen, Jacques Hamel, Deidre Hierlihy, Freida Hjartarson, Denise Lachance, R. Lindal, Tina Petrovicz and Beth Shepherd. The print artists used a variety of printmaking techniques to present their imagery inspired by the theme of the show.

L’exposition collective A la ferme présente 18 estampes originales par 11 artistes : Cheryl Ann Bellard, Debra Carter, Susan Cartwright, Murray Dineen, Jacques Hamel, Deidre Hierlihy, Freida Hjartarson, Denise Lachance, R. Lindal, Tina Petrovicz and Beth Shepherd. Ces artistes ont utilisé plusieurs techniques de gravure pour exprimer leur interprétation du thème de cette exposition.


March 1- May 3 2018  Du 1er mars au 3 mai 2018
At the Nepean Creative Arts Centre/ Centre des arts créatifs de Nepean
35 rue Strafford Rd (Bells Corners) Ottawa On K2H 8V8
For gallery hours, call/pour les heures, appeller 613 596-5783

To purchase prints, please contact directly the artist, or the Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers Connective.
Pour acheter des estampes, contactez directement l’artiste, ou encore le Collectif d’artistes graveurs d’Ottawa Gatineau




Show at Bluebird Coffee, Ottawa




My City, My Town, My Village / Ma ville, mon village

The exhibition My City My Town My Village showcases the prints of twelve local printmakers: Susan MW Cartwright, Marven Donati, Pat Durr, Leonard Gerbrandt (1941-2010), Jacques Hamel, Deidre Hierlihy, Carol Howard Donati, Rod Restivo, Madeleine Rousseau, Beth Shepherd, Carol Sternberg and Anne Thériault.  In twenty-five prints  the artists present elements of what is or what have been  familiar or striking imagery that they associate with their town. The artists have used traditional and modern relief, intaglio and planographic printmaking techniques, and hand-pull their prints.

September 7- November 2, 2017
7 sept-2 nov. 2017

Nepean Creative Arts Centre/Centre des arts créatifs de Nepean
35 rue Stafford Rd (Bells Corner) Ottawa On K2H 8V8
For gallery hours/ pour les heures de galerie appeler 613 596-5783




Upcoming print exhibition in Gatineau, Quebec!


We are looking forward to a great print exhibition coming up where 4 of our printmakers celebrate food culture! Here are the details! (French follows)

August 20 to October 12, 2014
Espace Pierre-Debain
Opening night: September 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. Everyone is invited, admission is free.

Inspired by the chefs who gave the art of the table its prestige, the Graphein collective borrows from the kitchen for its latest exhibition: The Banquet. When it comes to engraving, we cannot ignore the contribution of artists like niello-goldsmith Maso Finiguerra, who in 1452 discovered how to pull a proof from a silver plate that he had engraved for the church of St. John in Florence. Or that of Danish artist Henrick Boegh, who founded Grafisk Eksperimentarium in 1997, workshops for the dissemination of non-toxic printmaking techniques. Thanks to these and other trailblazers, contemporary artists have access to numerous recipes for developing their creative work. This exhibition brings together four artists with four different techniques, exploring the theme of the kitchen, a place for creation and production where surprises abound in the final concoctions. From container to content, come rediscover the world of multiple art.

Artists: Manon Boulet, Louise Lépine, Denise Tremblay and Deidre Hierlihy

Du 20 août au 12 octobre 2014
Espace Pierre-Debain
Vernissage exceptionnellement le 3 septembre de 18 h à 20 h. Le grand public est invité. Entrée libre en tout temps.

Inspiré par les chefs qui ont su donner ses lettres de noblesse à l’art de la table, le collectif Graphein passe par la cuisine pour vous présenter sa plus récente exposition : Le Banquet. En gravure, nous ne saurions ignorer l’apport d’artistes comme Maso Finiguerra, orfèvre nielleur qui trouva en 1452 le moyen de tirer l’épreuve d’une plaque d’argent qu’il avait gravée pour l’église Saint-Jean de Florence. Encore moins celui de l’artiste danois Henrick Boegh, fondateur de l’Experimentarium pour les arts imprimés en 1997, ateliers visant la diffusion des techniques de gravure non toxique. Grâce à eux et à bien d’autres, de nombreuses recettes s’offrent aux artistes contemporains dans la mise en valeur de leur création. Cette exposition regroupe quatre artistes : quatre techniques différentes qui explorent le thème de la cuisine, espace de création et de production où ce que l’on y mijote cache bien des surprises. Du contenu au contenant, venez redécouvrir l’art du multiple!

Artistes : Manon Boulet, Louise Lépine, Denise Tremblay et Deidre Hierlihy

Year of the Horse print show

This year’s Chinese New Year print exchange, in partnership with Toronto’s Proof Studio Gallery, produced beautiful works of art! Above is a glimpse of the work submitted by talented printmakers. Click images to enlarge.

Current show at NCAC

Current exhibition of prints by Louise Butler and Tina Petrovicz, up until March 3rd


Third Anniversary show

It is hard to believe, but our printmaking connective has reached its third anniversary! To celebrate we are having an art show showcasing the work of our members at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre. We hope you can come visit. Information below: