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11 responses to “Contact

  • Sylvie Grenier

    When is your next meeting?

  • Catherine Farrell


    I am a printmaker in Ottawa and would love to be added to your mailing list.

    Thank you,

  • Shandelle

    Hi there,

    I am currently an art student in Oakville, studying printmaking but will be moving to the Ottawa area next year and would love to join in on some classes or workshops come the fall. Looking forward to continuing with my prints..
    If you can add me to the mailing list that would be great.

    Thank you,

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hi Shandelle,

      Thank-you for your interest. I will add you to our general mailing list. Send us a line when you move to Ottawa!

      Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers

  • Katrin Smith

    Hi there, I would love togo to your next meeting and see what you are all about. When is the meeting and where? I’m so glad you saves the presses at NCAC. Also where do I find out about upcoming workshops?

    Cheers, Katrin

    • ottawaprintmakers

      Hi Katrin,

      Our next meeting is this coming Wednesday, 7pm at the Ottawa School of Art room 305. If you wish to join our Collective, we ask for a $20 membership fee to help fund our group exhibitions. Hope to see you there! Once you join, we will send you updates for any workshop opportunities that are being planned.

      Thank-you for your interest!
      Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers

  • Diana


    I am new to Ottawa and I work with linocut, glad to hear there is a group like yours here. I would like to go to your next meeting when is the meeting and where?

    Cheers, Diana

  • Marc Chrabonneau

    Next meeting for Feb/March?


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