What does membership entail?

  • Participation in monthly group meetings, guest lectures, and/or presentations
  • Receive monthly minutes on our meetings including information on upcoming artist opportunities
  • Opportunity to participate in our various group shows. Venues we have had in the past include Orange Art Gallery, La Nouvelle Scène, and Britannia Art Gallery
  • Opportunity to have a solo show or group show at our City of Ottawa gallery space located at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre (NCAC) in Bells Corners
  • Opportunities to participate in national and international exhibitions. Past examples include IMPRESS 13 Print Festival in Stroud, United Kingdom, 2013 Print Show in Holguin, Cuba, and our annual participation in Toronto’s Proof Studio Gallery International Print Exhibition and Exchange.
  • Access to workshops given at our print studios in the NCAC
  • Print studio membership (at extra cost). See below “Print Studio Membership”
  • We are also an organizational member of Art Ottawa East (AOE), which has its own perks:


Does it cost anything?

Yes, general membership costs $20/year

This is to help with our submission fees for art shows and costs associated with organizing exhibition openings and marketing materials.


How do I sign up?

Send us an email at and we will send you details.


Print studio Membership

Typically under $200/year

Those interested must prove prior knowledge of printmaking and safety regulations. If not, they will need to take a workshop.

The price depends on how many sign up each year (the more members, the cheaper the cost!)

The Print Studio is the only artist-run green print studio in Ottawa.

  • 2 printing presses
  • 2 glass covered tabletop work stations
  • Zinc and copper etching stations
  • 1 utility sink
  • 1 bathroom
  • print storage and drying shelf

For more information and application please email


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