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International Print Day

One of our collaborative prints, fresh off the press!

International Print day in May takes place annually to celebrate printmaking.  Yesterday, May 5th,  the Ottawa-Gatineua Printmakers Connective Members headed over to the NCAC studio to create large collaborative prints. Here is a look at what happened!


May 5th is International Print Day!

Hello print enthusiasts!

Did you know that May 5th is International Print Day in May?  An annual celebration of printmaking where printmakers across the globe connect through printmaking.  To participate printmakers simply make a print or prints on that day knowing that a bunch of us are doing the same!

The Ottawa-Gatineua Printmakers Connective is planning on heading to the studio May 5th with their plates in hand to create a large collaborative print or prints (anything can happen!).  Adding some mono printing magic to tie it all together!

We hope that you will be able to create a print, where ever you are, on May 5th to join in this worldwide activity. Happy printmaking!

Stay tuned for photos!